Sherri Davis:

I have joined Formed Gallery and am currently displaying my work there.  Location: 210 East Walnut Street, Suite 100.

Formed Gallery displays works by local artists, crafted in all types of media. They also have classes, worshops and maker meet-ups.

Learn more about Sherri by clicking here
Learn more about Formed Gallery by clicking here

Board of Directors Report

Update: October Meeting has been cancelled. We will be having a meeting and program on November 10th. Cheryl Vowels will be our featured speaker. Members and guests are invited to bring a piece of their art for "Show and Share." More  information will be published in the November CANVAS.

THANK YOU to Mike Carlie for keeping us inspired with The Artist’s Palette! 

Dawna Middleton:

I have been accepted in to the Sky Gallery "Re-Awakening" show on display until December at Springfield Branson Regional Airport. I have also had one piece accepted to the Pure Enjoyment Show @ the Creamery and two pieces for the FFAW Anniversary show. Both of these are in October. 


To learn more about Dawna click here for her website.

Claire Barber:

​Yep, I’m that lady! I really do have a stash of paper scraps. Rather than discarding the “mop up” papers that cover my painting area, I save them for future projects. Every so often I get inspired to turn this collection into paper flowers which I use to embellish my handmade gift wrappings as shown in the first photo. I have amassed a variety of patterns for petal shapes and sizes. I determine which cutout to use based on the colors and designs of my paper fragments. Once cut out I begin layering the petals into what I think is an attractive blossom. Often, I add some additional color and/or designs on the ends of the petals. I then glue the collage of petals together. Some I lay flat and others I curl and bend. For the center circle I usually spend a little extra time on the design. I sometimes wire on buttons for the center as seen on the photo of the newspaper flowers. This is a fun, inexpensive project and a great way to add a personal touch to your gift wrappings. Again, throw nothing away!

For Claire's Blog  click here

Meike Aton:

Workshop at Meike Aton Art Studio! 
Texture Painting Part I & II
Tuesdays, September 29 and October 5, 2021 click here to learn more

My new airport selections  were accepted and will be at the airport September through November. I also have a booth at ART IN THE PARK. Oct. 9 &10 (10-4:30) Sequiota Park.

Something nice happened recently. A total stranger walked into my gallery.
They had looked for art in Branson and Eureka Springs and were unable to find the right pieces for their space.

They found everything they needed on my walls and walked out with several good sized pieces. And never asked for a discount!

I want that to happen several times every year. Am I dreaming?
See my Art Work

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Fresh Gallery

Fresh Gallery Website: click here 
401 North Boonville, Springfield, MO 65806 417-862-9300 Fresh Gallery is open for the First Friday Art Walk and regular hours are 11 am- 6 pm Tuesday-Saturday, also Mondays by Appointment.
Location: 401 North Boonville, Springfield, M
o 65806.

September/October 2021

Susie Sharpe:

I was thrilled to be exhibiting my Artwork at the Luxembourg International Art Fair. Shall we follow our passion to the limitless universe? I thank you so much for your support of my previous Paris Show. 

Upcoming Shows:

Brussels International Contemporary Art Fair in, November 18-21, 2021

Miami Spectrum Art Fair, December 1-6, 2021

New York Art Expo  New York City, April 2022

Check out Susie's website: click here

Visit my Studio/Gallery at 1200 E. Woodhurst Dr Building K-300, Springfield, Mo 65804​

Open House: Thursday. October 14. 3:30-7 pm

Guest Artists: Shannon Bacon, Textural Abstract Painter and Tiff Mansfield, Miliner 

To learn about art classes, workshops and get-to-gether groups led by our members see 2021 Classes  or  click here 

Bambino's Restaurants:  Featuring Members Audrey Bottrell-Parks, Chris Haik, Louise Eggleston, Ann Kynion, Janene Moser and Greg Chappell.  Locations:  1141 E Delmar St and 2810 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO. Contact Sandra or Don Letson if you are interested in applying. This is a project promoted by Sandra and Don to encourage local artists. 417.496.1838   You do not have to be a member of Studio 55 to sell and exhibit your art at Bambino's. No commissions are charged for art sold.

Steve McGuire: 

I’m displaying the art "Dark Storm" in Joplin at the Spiva Gallery for the next couple of months.

ART IN THE PARK with around two dozen fine artists from around the state, hosted by the SW MO Art and Craft Guild. This a free event. Sequiota Park:  3500 S. Lone Pine Avenue, Springfield, MO

Alicia Farris:

So very honored to receive an award in the Missouri Watercolor Society International Exhibit! Thank you to juror of selection, Ken Call and juror of awards, Dongfeng Li for the honor. Thank you also to @m.grahamco for sponsoring this wonderful award. Big congratulations to all others included in the show and to all

award winners. 

What an honor to have one of 75 works chosen from 573 entries and 11 countries for inclusion in the Northwest Watercolor Society 81st Annual International open! Thank you so much to juror @thomaswschaller, I am very honored! 

click here to view Alicia's website 

Springfield Art Museum Current Exhibits:  click here       

1111 East Brookside Drive in Springfield, Missouri

To Access the Springfield Art Museum Websiteclick here

All rights reserved on this website: © 2021

Audrey Bottrell-Parks:

All Classes are on hold until further notice!

I am sorry to let you know that I will be suspending classes until further notice, due to Covid, family health issues, and my schedule. I have been so blessed to be part of your artistic journey with all of you! For some, the journey has been relatively short and for others, a long time! 

Know this, the life of a creative person means a lifetime of learning, exploring, and creating! Create at home or with friends. The important thing is to keep creating!

If all goes well....I hope to be able to still participate in two upcoming festivals this fall:

 Cider Days on Walnut Street: Sept 18 - 19

Art in the Park at Sequiota Park: October 9 - 10.

 In the meantime, be Safe, Create and Enjoy Life!

Audrey  To learn more click here for Audrey's Website and future schedule.

Studio 55 Exhibits Report

The final scheduled exhibit for this year (and first for 2022) will be at the Sky Gallery, Springfield Branson National Airport. The exhibit runs from December through February, 2022.

Greetings Studio 55 members. Here is the information you need to know regarding our upcoming exhibit at the Sky Gallery at the Springfield National Airport:

Submission Deadline: Friday, November 19, 2021
Date you will be notified of acceptance or not acceptance: Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Drop-off date at the airport for  entries: 9 a.m. to noon, Friday, December 10, 2021.
Pick-up date at the airport: 9 a.m. to noon, Friday, February 25, 2022.

Artwork restrictions: Artwork (paintings and photographs) is recommended to be at least 36 inches on one side (including the dimension of the frame.  Some smaller size work may be accepted. Hanging the art requires that the piece be wired with D-rings, 1/3 of the way down the back of the work. Do NOT pull the wire tight. For appropriate wire length go the center of the length dimension and measure down 1/6 of the total height (for example, if 36 inch total height, mark a spot 6 inches below the top of the midpoint of the length). Pull the wire to that spot and then tighten the wire at the D-rings. Works must be two dimensional (sorry, no three dimensional work for this exhibit). Weight of the artwork cannot exceed 15 pounds. Work that is not framed must be gallery wrapped (staples on the back, not on the sides) and with all edges and sides finished (not blank).There are approximately 40 spaces available for art depending on the size of the artwork selected.

You may submit up to five (5) entries in a digital format (JPEG) of your art. Please submit art for the show that has not been previously featured at the Sky Gallery in the last three years. Name each JPG with your first initial, last name and title of the work (example: BSmithTitle.jpg). Attach to the back of your art: Your name, title, price, medium, dimensions (width x height in inches) and contact information. All artwork must be for sale. Twenty-five percent (25%) commission will be charged for all sold art. The Springfield Regional Arts Council  will handle the sale and send you a check. Please click here to see the attached contract for all artists.

Send all submissions to each of the following three persons:1) (Emily Hertzog, Springfield Regional Arts Council Director), 2) (Sandra Letson, Studio 55 newsletter editor, and 3) (Gary Tebbenkamp, Studio 55 Exhibits Committee).

As always, thank you for sharing your creativity in art with the Springfield (and wider) community.

If you have any questions about this exhibit, please contact: Gary Tebbenkamp (417) 234-2868

Click here to see some of the art currently on display at Sky Gallery.

Exhibits Chair: Gary Tebbenkamp, (417) 234-2868.

Springfield Regional Arts Council: To receive a weekly arts calendar about local art events, email the Director of Marketing & Development by clicking here or check out their website by clicking here

Several members are feature in the following exhibits

  • The Springfield Regional Arts Council Presents "Re-Awakening" at The Sky Gallery. This exhibition is dedicated to works surrounding the theme of the  "Re-Awakening", a flora and fauna inspired show reflecting the beauty and growth of awareness.
  • ​The Creamery Arts Center: Mark your calendar - The annual collaboration with Brewer Science "Pure Enjoyment"  is coming up! Opening on October 1st, during First Friday Artwalk. 
  • ​The 23rd Cider Days on Historic Walnut Street, presented by Simmons Bank, will be held Sept. 18 & 19, 2021, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. on both days. This two-day fall festival will feature regional artists.
  • Sky Gallery at the Springfield Branson National Airport. See photos of some of the art currently displayed at the airport:  click here 

Studio 55 Members who are members of Fresh Gallery: 

Cheryl Vowels, Farley Lewis, Mike Myers, Nancy Brown Dornan and Rebecca Lewis Smith.

Member  Farley Lewis is the artist of the month for September. Hope you can drop by for the reception or during the month of September. Farley also has a booth at ART IN THE PARK on Oct. 9 &10 (10-4:30) at Sequiota Park. 

Member Cheryl Vowels and Sarah Griggs are the artists of the month for October. Opening on October 1st. Live music by John Whytock at the reception on October 2nd. If members would like to avoid the large crowds on First Friday, Cheryl suggests to come to the reception on Saturday,  October 2 or regular hours 11 am- 6 pm Tuesday-Saturday, To learn more about both artists: click here

Judy Ferguson:

During Covid, chances to share my art at exhibits got pretty much non-existent. My usual pursuits were slowed to a stop. Organizing and reorganizing my studio got tiresome. I felt like I wanted to use my time to perfect something that I had been working with for about 5 years. Colored pencil. Very portable, and you can just walk away from them and start again when you get back. During this time, I also had new great grandchildren born and had gotten a lot of new photos from the kids. So why not combine all this and do a series of portraits with the colored pencil. 

A good artist friend had a large library of art books, so I found one on colored pencils. It was a very old Walter Foster book on how to use colored pencil along with watercolor dyes. I had never read that anywhere before, but I had some experience with the watercolor dyes with my fabric art. The book explained how to enhance the depth of color using the dye as a glaze over the colored pencil. The most versatile pencil is the Prismacolor wax based pencil. Easier to blend than some of the others, including the oil based Polychromos. 

I tried several kinds of papers, but decided that the pastel papers worked best. I liked the subtle texture of the MiTienes paper, and got the best results with them. Eye color was deepened and had more interest. The downfall of wax based pencils is the problem of making the skin tones of pale children too chalky looking. Blending more color on top of the waxy finish and deepening the shades of color in blonde hair was difficult. Using a flat painting brush and water, I was able to apply a slightly darker value of color on the face or on the hair. It gave everything more contour. I especially liked the deepening of my great grandson's blue eyes and the red values in the bow on my great granddaughter's hairbow.

Below are photos of the art and some of the artists who exhibited during September at the Botanical Center 2400 South Scenic, Springfield, Missouri

Artist are Meike Aton, Cindy Bates, Joan Bowen, Carol Chappell, Hueping Chin, Sherri Davis, Judy Ferguson, Mona Gist, Farley Lewis, Janene Moser, Ruth Penaherrera-Norton, Jean Rogers, Carol Snyder, Vivian Terbeek and Mary Swenson. Five pieces were sold!

Please send announcements for the newsletter "Canvas" to 

Thanks, Sandra Letson, editor.

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