Springfield ARTS Anonymous

By Linda Kirchner

ARTS Anonymous is an international organization designed to help artists achieve their creative potential. Our Springfield ARTS  Anonymous group meets the second Tuesday of each month from 1:30 to 2:45 in the library at the Creamery.

We discuss ways to get past blocks to our creativity and provide help and inspiring support for all types of artists including musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, etc. 

Everyone is welcome. You may bring examples of your work to share. Join us on our mutual journeys to artistic freedom.

Lucid TLC Arts LLC Studio & Art Gallery, Tiffany Collins, Owner. 111 S. Main St, Nixa MO 65714  Phone: 417-755-3724 Link to Website

Beginning Drawing Class with Dana Neuenschwander

An eight-week class that begins August 5, from 5:45-8 p.m. on Mondays. $150 and $45 drawing kit. More information is here.

Color Theory Workshop with Dana Neuenschwander

Saturday, August 31, 9 a.m. to noon. Class is $75, and includes all materials and book. You will work through several key exercises to expand your knowledge of value, color, and how they relate to each other. Find out how to make your art more vibrant and express the ideas that you want within your work. More information is here.

Acrylic Painting 8-Week Course with Dana Neuenschwander.

Learn to paint in Acrylic! You will learn: How to prep your canvas, Composition and visualization, initial drawing, brush technique, paint mixing, identifying and solving paint problems, and completing the painting. Class is $150 for 8 weeks of instruction plus $170 for the professional kit to be purchased from Lucid TLC Arts prior to the beginning of class.  More information is here.

Nadine Ellman

Fresh Gallery Class:
Nadine leads a "Watercolor and Wine" class on the first Wednesday of each month. Fresh Gallery, 401 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield.
Intermediate - Ages 21+
Supplies: Bring your watercolor supplies (paper, brushes, table easels, or boards). Cost: $20. Please, no walk-ins. We are only taking eight students. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at nadinski.studios@gmail.com.

Learn more and register for the Fresh Gallery classes here. View Nadine's website here.

Urban Sketchers of Springfield, MO

Ann Kynion

Want to improve your drawing skills?  Like to draw on location?

Check out the sketching venues of the Urban Sketchers of Springfield, MO. We meet on the 1st Saturday of the month at different locations.
Check the FB page to see where we will be next month, Saturday.  Join us to sketch indoors or out.  We will meet up at 10. 

Learn more here

Farley Lewis, Nationally Recognized Artist, Muralist and Teacher

Class Schedules:

Contact: Website: www.farleylewis.com 

email farleylewis@gmail.com


Online class: "Anyone can learn to be a better painter" Farley has video classes online. Join hispainting clubto gain access to these tutorials.

Contact email: studio55guild@gmail.com

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Paula Moore

Learn more about Paula and her passion for art here.

Paula offers classes at in several locations, please see Paula's website  here

For questions or for commission work please contact Paula: emailor call 417-830-6802.

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Peggy Dyke

Every Monday, 12:30 to 3:30, Acrylic Art Class with Peggy Dyke, $45

Classes are held at the Baked Bean Coffee Shop, 1860 N. Commerce Drive, Nixa.

All supplies are provided with step-by-step instructions.

Call or message Peggy for sign-up prior to class day. 417-619-7766

Meike Aton Art Studio & Gallery offers workshops by Meike Aton

To visit her gallery or learn how to sign up for her workshops call 417-343-3481 or visit her website.

2024 Classes

Taught By Members of Studio 55

Scroll down page to view all classes ​

Alicia Farris, Internationally Known Award-Winning Watercolor Artist:

Alicia Farrishas atwo-day workshop scheduled for October 3-4, "Figures in the Landscape," 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at Splatter Art Studio, 4160 S. Lone Pine Ave., Springfield. More information is here.

This 8-day French painting adventure will include daily excursions including to local villages, markets, and to the Monastery of St. Paul Mausole, where Van Gogh stayed during his troubled times in 1889-90.   Students will paint and sketch with Alicia each day on location in various wonderful places.  The group will have an indoor studio space to gather, critique, discuss, and work from sketches and/or photos when they'd like.  Please see details on her website here. Though it is a ways away, registration is very limited, as class sizes are kept to 12-15 people.  Feel free to contact Alicia with additional questions at abfarris81@gmail.com.

Alicia has been painting professionally and teaching classes for over 20 years. Her work has won many awards and been exhibited in international galleries and private collections. Alicia continues to teach workshops regularly throughout the US and plans to continue scheduling local workshops at Splatter Studio when she is able.  Please check her workshop schedule on her website https://www.afarris.com or follow her on social media to learn of scheduled Springfield events.  Instagram: @aliciafarrisart or Facebook ArtistAliciaFarris.

Join the "Monday Painters"

Learn more

Janice McCain

Monday Painters is a painting and drawing group that meets every Monday from 10 a.m. to noon. There are no lessons, just a time to work on our art. A teacher is available for advise. This group is made up of beginners and more experienced artists. Anyone is welcome. If you are interested, you can call Janice McCain at 417-844-8628. Splatter Art Studio. Splatter Art Studio 4160 S. Lone Pine, Springfield. There is a $5 fee for the upkeep of the studio.

Oil & Acrylic Painting Classes with Greg Chappell

Classes on Renaissance Techniques in painting by Award Winning New Orleans Artist

Lessons are available one on one or group settings at Greg’s home in Nixa. These classes are for beginners through advanced students, who want to refine their skills. Call Greg Chappell to register or learn more (504) 613- 7810 

These classes are for oil or acrylic painters of any experience level. Learn the techniques of renaissance painting attributed to the old master’s system. Greg Chappell has spent decades studying the application of pigments to the appropriate surfaces. What kind of brushes, what kind of canvas, and what kind of medium make all the difference in the world. His classes will encourage creativity while playing with color and technique and building skills that will be invaluable for creating a quality piece of art. 

Ursula Wollenberg

Download one of my classes:

Lifetime access and downloadable videos! 

An ongoing class exploring color and texture along with several different mediums.  Bloom in Color. Downloads of each session are included to keep forever. You can join anytime! Register for the online class!

On June 8, Ursula taught several watercolor classes during the Pickwick Street Fair in the toasty outdoors behind Ellecor Interior Design (photo next to this text). 

Dawna Middleton

Dawna Middleton is teaching a once-a-month class at Northview Center, Doling Park, 305 E. Talmage St., Springfield, on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 3:30 p.m.

It is a basic painting class that allows others to explore their abilities and the possibilities of painting on canvas.
In May, they will be painting on rocks instead of canvas. Contact Dawna at midd45@gmail.com.

DARE TO DRAW with Tracy Bruton

"Have you ever wanted to learn to draw, to lose yourself in the magic that happens with a piece of paper and a drawing tool? Well, you CAN. Everyone can! In this class I will teach you how to see like an artist sees. If you can SEE it, you can draw it. Imagine being able to convincingly render anything that is placed in front of you. The class will be taught in bite-sized increments to guarantee success. You will be amazed by your progression. We will begin with Graphite but will eventually expand to charcoal, oil pastel, pen and ink, and more. All of your supplies will be provided." Contact Tracy by email here.
"We meet in my home for lessons. I also have classes for children." The cost is $30 per class.

Tracy also teaches at Lucid TLC Arts. See that listing below.

Steve McGuire

Steve McGuire is teaching airbrush classes.  Contact Steve at 417-880-0088 for more information.