Formed Gallery

Not open for first Friday in January 

Rick Atwell, La Donna Greiner, Sherri Davis, Alicia Farris, Andi Snethern, and Dawna Middleton are Formed Gallery members, plus many other local artists.. Open First Friday, 210 East Walnut Street. Learn more here and check our their normal business hours. Lots of new art and gifts are available. 

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Sky Gallery: Springfield-Branson National Airport

Fine art exhibits rotate quarterly and consist of works by artists from the Springfield Regional Arts Council’s member registry, students and faculty of our local colleges, universities, and public schools, and occasionally national organizations and special interest groups.  

The theme for this exhibit, “Abstract Actually” will be on display November 18, 2022 — February 24, 2023. The following member are in this exhibit: Meike Aton, Steve McGuire, Dawna Middleton, and Carol Snyder. To see more of the exhibit: Sky Gallery 

Fresh Gallery from Cheryl Vowels

Not open for first Friday in January

Featured artists for January and February are Andrew Bachelor and Andrew Mann. 

Studio 55 Members who are members of Fresh Gallery: Nadine Ellman, Janet Jordan and Cheryl Vowels, 401 North Boonville. Please check the website here  for events and normal business hours. Open First Friday. Wine reception 
to be announced in February. There was be a photography show in March, so watch for the call for artists.

January 2023 

(Photos of the December meeting are posted at the bottom of the page)

Obelisk Home Gallery

Member Ken Richardson and other local artists 

Location: 214 W Phelps St #101

Please check their business hours see Obelisk 

Ken Richardson Art:
Red Oak, steel, leather and paint

8” x 4” x 18”     

Steel and paint

Studio 55 Exhibits 2022 and 2023 (past and future)​​​ Report from Gary Tebbenkamp

  • Sky Gallery, Springfield-Branson National Airport, 2300 N. Airport Blvd. Springfield, Dec. 2021-February 2022. 
  • Library Center Exhibit, May 2-28, 20224653 South Campbell, Springfield, MO (for photos see the May CANVAS)
  • Conservation Nature Center Exhibit, May 28-July 2, 2022 (for photos see the July CANVAS)
  • Springfield Botanical Center, 2400 S. Scenic Ave, Springfield, August 20 to September 30, 2022 

  • Library Station, 2535 N. Kansas Expressway, and runs from December 3, 2022 to February 24, 2023.

          ​​Pick-up date is Saturday, February, 24, 2023, 9-10 a.m. See photos of exhibit Members participating are Carol Chappell, Mona Gist, Ann Kynion, Sandra Letson, Dawna Middleton, Ruth Peñaherrera-Norton, Carol Roberts, Gary Tebbenkamp, Ted and Vivían Terbeek, and Jane Waschick. The art will be on display until February 23, 2023. Theme: “Gifts for Giving, Seasons for Celebrating”. A big shout out to Gary Tebbenkamp, exhibit chair, for organizing this exhibit and shooting the photographs. Hope you can drop by and see the exhibit!

  •  Twenty Sixth Annual Senior  Art Exhibition ( March 22 – April 13, 2023, Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts.   If you have not  received  the CALL FOR ARTISTS brochure please click here to download or call Bradley Fisher at 417. 886.2675 and he will mail you a brochure with all the instructions and an application. This exhibition is open to all visual artists age 60 or older. 

  •  Elliott Robinson, CPA Firm: We are the featured exhibiting group from May through August, 2023 per Brenda Raynor, Marketing Consultant. The upside of this venue is that it is prepared to handle large sized art work, something our Studio 55 artists don’t have in every venue with which we work. 

For Questions contact Exhibits Chair: Gary Tebbenkamp, (417) 234-2868.

You are invited to check out the schedule of classes and get-togethers lead by our talented members! Some of the classes are on line and most are in person. This page is updated monthly.  Learn more: 2023 Classes

You are invited to our January Program

When: Wednesday, January 11, 2023,  1:00 p.m.

Where: THE GALLERY at NACC, 1515 South National

Program by Chelsie Nicole Murfree 
Internationally recognized graphite and charcoal artist​:  ​

Subject: "Carbon Drawing Life" 

Members and guests are invited to show 1-2 pieces of their art following the program.

Masks are strongly recommended.

Contact us at for questions or sign up to receive our newsletter.

 Meike Aton Art Studio & Gallery 

​Early Heads-up:

Date: Friday, January 27, 10-4pm
Meike Aton Art Studio & Gallery
1200 E Woodhurst Dr K-300, Springfield, 65804
Early bird sign up is $100 through January 15, 2023 

phone 417-343-3481

Demonstration: Since I was asked to, I’ll be demonstrating

for a few minutes, while thinking out loud.

What is Abstract Art?  Yes, we will define it! It’s somewhat fluid 😉After some initial discussion of composition and color choices, we will engage in a loosening-up exercise, that will help you get started. You’ll paint abstractly without fear! And you’ll love the colors!


  • 4-5 canvases, (various sizes from 18x24 up to 36x36)
  • Acrylic paints, primary colors +white, The most economical paints at Hobby Lobby. Frequently at 50%off
  • Brushes, big ones
  • Apron or bad clothes
  •  Excitement, Anticipation, Eagerness


See my artwork
Visit my Studio & Gallery, 1200 E. Woodhurst Dr. Building K-300Springfield, Mo 65804


Photos of the December meeting by Tracy Bruton

​Chelsie Nicole Murfree is an internationally recognized graphite and charcoal artist who creates hyper-realistic drawings of individuals and present times.  She has received many awards for her art both nationally and internationally and she shares her knowledge by teaching drawing to children and adults nationally and in her private studio in Ozark, Missouri. 

Chelsie Murfree will discuss her background as an artist,  process, and talk in-depth about some of her newest series. She will display work from two series: Standing in the Sun (an older series pre-Covid which was inspired by photo shots outside of Kigali, Rwanda) and her newest Signposts, which focuses on building or repairing new paths ahead in these uncertain times. She will also briefly discuss her portrait work and her inspirations behind those pieces.

​Artist statement: "I strive to preserve unscripted moments while quietly alluding to deeper truths. Consistently drawn to beauty in the mundane, my journalistic style seeks to capture the spirit of the moment without altering the narrative. 

I document a natural state, with no models ever posed or staged. The work makes room for intuition and the unexpected, while speaking to our familiar and current cultural experiences.

Through delicate blending, my technique gently marries together a full spectrum of warm and cool dark tones in a unity that all reads as one. The finished work, with a rich depth of tonal values, evokes life-like qualities and invites the viewer to engage on an emotional level."  

There is so much more to learn about this amazing artist, so be sure to go to her ​website  

Lucinda Northcutt:

"It's like a chameleon changing colors.  You never know what she's going to paint next"--a comment heard at one of her showings, regarding the varied works of southwest Missouri artist Lucinda Northcutt.

Her art is in homes and businesses, charity functions and seen on international commercial markets.

Whether it's her work on canvas, exceptional faux finishes or murals, her artistic embellishments bring a finish and finery to spaces.

Fresh inspirations are translated by acrylic and construction materials.  She is self-taught, by a high self-imposed standard of what is appropriate in a piece.  Her art is inspired by emotion evoked by the natural world and an unlimited fantastical imagination.  Assemblages of photographs surround her as she works on a piece.  The varied works temp the viewer to touch them to see if the fur is soft, the leather smooth or the rocks 'rocky'.

There are some notable groupings such as baroque Venetian plaster masks, animals both wild and domesticated, inclusions of metallics and stone like textures. A common request is for portraits of pets.

Her work is not trapped in a box of defined style, rather adjusted like the sails to the wind of her interest, or request of a client. She loves the excitement of beginning a new piece and the look on viewers faces as the study a piece for the first time.  When asked to describe her work, she said 

"If you could describe it, you wouldnt have to paint it"  Website:

Springfield Regional Arts Council: To receive a weekly arts calendar about local art events, email the Sarah Abele
Director of Marketing and Development by clicking here or check out their website by clicking here



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Exhibits and more at the Springfield Art Museum : Learn More

Bambino's Italian Cafe: Two locations

Featuring artists:  Louise Eggleston, Chis Haik, Steve McGuire, Cindy Quayle, Ursula Wollenberg, and Janene Moser.  

Locations:  1141 E Delmar St. and 2810 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO. 

If you want exhibit and sell your art at Bambinos contact Sandra Letson, 417-496-1838. There are no fees to exhibit and artists receive all the money when their art is sold.  Check out their business hours at each location and see their menu of delicious food to eat in, carry out, or have them cater your next event:


Gailey’s  Café from Carol Snyder

Gailey’s Cafe on Walnut Street, downtown Springfield 220 E. Walnut Street

If you have artwork and would like to exhibit it at Gailey’s Cafe please send me a text at  417.631.9009 text only

Regular Business hours: