Fresh Gallery

​Studio 55 Members who are members of Fresh Gallery: Nadine Ellman, Janet Jordan and Cheryl Vowels, 

Fresh Gallery Website: click here  401 North Boonville, Springfield, MO 65806 417-862-9300 Fresh Gallery is open for the First Friday Art Walk and regular hours are 11 am- 6 pm Tuesday-Saturday, also Mondays by Appointment. Location: 401 North Boonville, Springfield, Mo 65806.

Join Fresh Gallery on First Friday from 6-9pm! 

Watercolor USA Exhibit ends on August 28th

​​The Watercolor USA exhibition is in the Kelly Galleries, Springfield Art Museum. Springfield Art Museum, 1111 Brookside Drive, Springfield, MO.

Congratulations to the following members who were selected for the exhibit: Nadine Ellman, Gary Tebbenkamp and Andi Snethern.

This is the 61st exhibition of Watercolor USA, organized in 1962, a national, annual juried exhibition recognizing contemporary American painting. Awards will be announced at the reception. Approximately $20,000 in cash awards are available; top awards are $3,000, $2,000, and $1,500 cash. Additional cash awards are generously provided by the Watercolor USA Honor Society. 

You are invited to our August Program

When: August 10, 2022,  1:00 p.m.

Where: THE GALLERY at NACC, 1515 South National

Our presenter: Deby Gilley, relief printmaker

Deby Gilley, relief printmaker, has been producing linocut and woodcut prints for nearly 30 years. She is also a retired art teacher from public schools and adjunct instructor at SBU. 

She will be discussing the process of creating linocut and woodcut prints, and how she uses her prints to show her belief and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Facebook: Linocut Prints and Woodcut Prints by Deby Gilley at the Lone Starr Studio

Members and guests are invited to show and share 1-2 pieces of their art following the program.

Please wear a mask 

"The Greene County/Springfield Health Department, as of August 2nd, 2022,  has bumped up the risk for Covid infections to High and we are STRONGLY encouraging masking while in the building until we move back into the low risk category."   

Contact us at for questions or sign up to receive our newsletter.

Claire Barber

About 10 years ago I stopped buying gift cards and wrapping paper and began making my own. I use mop-up papers from my art table or used paper sacks from various stores for both wrappings and handmade gift bags. One of my favorites for recycling are the brown paper bags with black stripes from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse, photo # 1). I love the look coupled with animal print ribbon or the small handmade bags decorated with the flower embellishments I enjoy designing. For the flowers I cut 5 different sizes and shapes using various neutral colors of scrap paper, (photo # 2). I then design embellishments to the petals and stack and glue the shapes together, (photo # 3). In addition to adorning gift bags, (photo # 4), these paper flowers can be used in lieu of bows on wrapped presents, (photo # 5), and even as embellishments for greeting card envelopes, (photo #6). For additional directions on making a gift bag and for cutting flower petal shapes, refer to the notes below.

Basically a gift bag of any size can be made by wrapping the paper around a box like wrapping a gift, but leaving the top open. Detailed information on this process can be found in a previous post on my blog entitled, Newspaper Recycled Gift Bags.Also there are several instructional videos on You Tube making the process of cutting different flower shapes much easier. 

For Claire's Blog  click here

August 2022

Luther Smith

I am a new member of the club and new to the art world.  I have been allowed to show some of my watercolors at the Springfield Nature Center.  I have 38 paintings on display for the months of August and September.  I just started painting four years ago and this is the first time I have had a display.  Hope you have a chance to visit.


Photos of July Program by Steve McGuire and Cynthia Bylander

Learn about art classes, workshops and small get-to-gether groups led by our members see 2022 Classes  

New classes taught by Paula Moore on August 25: to register and learn more click on the links: Falling Leaves in Watercolor on Canvas Panels and August 26th: Painting your Pet from a Photograph.

New Workshop By Meike Aton: August 17, Click on the link to register and learn more: PAINTING OUTSIDE THE LINES AND FROM THE HEART
Visit my Studio & Gallery,1200 E. Woodhurst Dr , Building K-300,

Springfield, Mo 65804

From Juanita Lee:


🎶 Come One - Come All - Spread the Word - Live Music - GOOD TIMES! Hope you can join us!


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Ursula Wollenberg

My art: Love Blooms is featured in the Somerset Studio and on the cover of the August/September issue.

Turn your doodles into art!  


Formed Gallery

Rick Atwell, Sherri Davis, La Donna Greiner, Andi Snethern. Steve McGuire, and Dawna Middleton are Formed Gallery members. Formed Gallery displays works by local artists, crafted in all types of media. They also have classes, workshops and maker meet-ups.

​First Friday: Stop by from 6-9pm for a chance to speak with their artists. 

Learn more about Formed Gallery by clicking here

Diane Denton 

I developed a program called:  "Young at Art" - ages 55 and older.  I am currently teaching an advanced class on Thursday mornings from 9:30am - 11:30 am in Bolivar at the Senior Center.   This class is at no cost.  

I am developing plans to start 8-week classes here in Springfield.   These classes can range from Introduction to intermediate classes.   In these classes we have open critiques and learn about curation in meaningful ways. These classes are about Diversity and Inclusion and connection to each other.  

 If people are interested in these classes - they can contact me at: or call 417-399-8520.    To read my portfolio and learn about my background as a teaching artist click here 

Thank you!

George Freeman

     I have issues with my back that have limited my bird-watching activities to our “backyard sanctuary,” but there’s plenty of action. Along with more than 80 other bird varieties, there are currently two young Cooper’s Hawks who are regular visitors. Their hunting skills are still developing, but they are fearless and their curiosity is fascinating, bordering on comical. 

     We had a close encounter with one of them when he (or she) landed on a wicker chair under the covered patio, and then hopped to the ground for several minutes to bask in the sunshine. It was a grand moment for Nancy and me, with a front-row seat from a window in my office. Bo Brown advised me the hawk was "mantling." I got some nice closeups, which I’m hoping to use with some software to produce some “Monet-style artwork” and then perhaps a visual presentation using Apple’s “Keynote” software. I may even try doing some sketching by hand as well. 
     Meanwhile, the hot weather hasn’t slowed down the action around the bird feeders. We have a house wren who serenades us for hours, sometimes on a “trapeze” so close that it almost painfully loud. He has been trying to lure a mate into a rent-free bird house on our patio, but she declined his advances in favor of another corner of the garden. A Carolina wren built a substantial nest in another corner of the patio, but it was never occupied. One year cardinals nested in a bird cage hanging smack in the middle of the patio. 

      I keep six birdbaths clean and full of fresh water. There are sunflowers, peanuts, meal worms. The finch blend feeders have the most visitors, including gold finches, house finches, bluebirds, chickadees, downy woodpeckers the occasional northern flicker, and just once this year, an indigo bunting. The painted bunting and kestrel are at the top of my bucket list. 
      The regulars including cardinals, robins, blue jays, hummingbirds, brown thrashers, catbirds, grackles, starlings and several crows from time to time. We also have baby rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, opossums moles and a tri-colored cat. I have infrequently seen a fox, a badger, a skunk or two and just once, a bald eagle being pursued by crows just above the tree line.  
     I suppose our gardens are really our way of expressing artistry. We also provide pollinator plants for butterflies. Sharing the results on Facebook with photos and some play-by-play commentary and research keep me busy while I’m on the lookout for new visitors.

Linda Kirchner 

A.R.T.S. Anonymous at The Creamery Arts Center

We are starting up Artist Anonymous again on August 2 at the Creamery at 1:30.

Open to any type of artist: visual, written, musical, 3D, etc. 
for more information, contact Sarah Abele at SRAC


Studio 55 Exhibits 2022 and 2023 (past and future)​​​

  • Sky Gallery, Springfield-Branson National Airport, 2300 N. Airport Blvd. Springfield, Dec. 2021-February 2022. 
  • Library Center Exhibit, May 2-28, 20224653 South Campbell, Springfield, MO (for photos see the May CANVAS)
  • Conservation Nature Center Exhibit, May 28-July 2, 2022 (for photos see the July CANVAS)

Future Exhibits to prepare for:

  • Springfield Botanical Center, 2400 S. Scenic Ave, Springfield, August 20 to September 30, 2022 
  • The Library Station  Exhibit, December 2022, January 2023, February 2023
  • I just received confirmation about our exhibit schedule for 2023 at Elliott Robinson, CPA Firm. We are the featured exhibiting group from May through August, 2023 per Brenda Raynor, Marketing Consultant. The upside of this venue is that it is prepared to handle large sized art work, something our Studio 55 artists don’t have in every venue with which we work. 

For Questions contact Exhibits Chair: Gary Tebbenkamp, (417) 234-2868.

Finley River Fine Artist Gallery  Call  for artists: Open to the public 100 E. Elm Street, Ozark, MO, 417-551-4011 
Open Wed – Sat 10-3

* Entries are due no later than August 20th
* Entries accepted August 17th – 20th
* Reception is Friday, August 26th, 6:30 pm
* Prize money = $150, $75 and $50
* 2 entries per artist allowed. The minimum size is 24” x 36.” Entry fee is $10; no restrictions on subject matter or medium


Carol Chappell

This summer I was invited to share with my daughter and her family in their trip to Rosarito, Mexico. The beach was wonderful, and I was so thrilled to see and get in the Pacific Ocean. While we were in Phoenix, we went to Wonderspaces, an interactive art space. This is our second visit, and it is so exciting and fun to be part of the art. My portrait was made by three robots. If you have never explored an interactive art exhibit, I encourage you to do so. It is is a different experience to an actual part of the art! 


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Ken Richardson

I’m in three shows during August.  “Small Works” at 3Cs Art Collective in Lyons, Colorado, “Coming Home” at Obelisk Home and “Assembly & Collage: Recycle Reuse” at The Creamery Arts Center. 

Sweet Dreams  • steel, paint and roller skate • 17” x 4” x 13”

​​​Bambino's Restaurants:

Purchase original art from our artists and enjoy a great Italian feast. 

Featured this month:  Rick Atwell. Josh Beecher, Darlene Prater, Carol Snyder and Janene Moser.  Locations:  1141 E Delmar St and 2810 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO. Contact Sandra or Don Letson, curators for Bambinos Restaurants. This is a project promoted by Sandra and Don to encourage local artists. Contact phone: 417.496.1838  You do not have to be a member of Studio 55 to sell and exhibit your art at Bambino's. No commissions are charged for art sold. 

Springfield Regional Arts Council: To receive a weekly arts calendar about local art events, email the Sarah Abele
Director of Marketing and Development by clicking here or check out their website by clicking here


Janet Jordan

SAVE THE DATE for my artist reception. Please come see my new work. My Giraffes are completed in mixed-media and gold leaf. (much more affordable than Bronze) 

I also have a new collection of sterling silver pendants, unique designs and cast in my home studio by melting my mother’s silverware.

Artist Reception Fresh Art Gallery, Thursday August 18, 7pm-9pm

Live music, Charcuterie & Wine

Surprise drawing for a piece completed in mixed-media! (must be in attendance to win)

Fresh Gallery is just North of the square on Boonville.

See you there!