November 13 to February 12, 2017: Studio 55 Exhibit at the Sky Gallery

Springfield-Branson International Airport

October 20th: Deadline to email entries

Studio 55 has been invited by the Springfield Regional Arts Council to have a juried show at Sky Gallery, Springfield/Branson International Airport.  Contact studio55guild@gmail.com for more information. There is no theme for the exhibit.

30-50 pieces are needed for the juried exhibit. 

Download a PDF with the information for the Sky Gallery

Earlier Exhibits during 2017

October 2-30, 2017: Studio 55 Springfield Botanical Center Exhibit

September 1st: 4th Annual Studio 55 Fall Exhibition and Silent Auction

to assist Sammy’s Window, Part of Foster Adopt Connect. 

The art was judged by Nick Nelson, Audrey Bottrell-Parks, and Alicia Farris.

The following awards were presented:

Best In Show - Jessie Schwartz for his acrylic entitled, Times Square.

1st Place Overall - Steve McGuire for his photograph entitled, Winter Reflection.

2nd Place Overall - Meike Aton for her mixed media piece entitled, Serenity 1.

Special Merit Award from National Art Shop -  Stephanie Kitten for her bronze entitled, Eve #2.

Ribbons were awarded for the following categories:
Drawing: 1st place: Judy Ferguson, Boxer
2nd place: Olga Codutti, Happy Old Couple
Painting: 1st place: Nadine Ellman, Feeling Playful
2nd place: Jane Washick, You Want Fries With That?
Digital Art: 1st place: Larry Stevens, Rose #4
2nd place: Constance Stone, Yosemite Mist
Textiles:  1st place: Judy Ferguson, Shirtwaste
2nd place: Vivian Terbeek, Our Vibrant Earth
Mixed Media: 1st place: Julie Heim, Golden Years
2nd place: Dr. Rebecca Burrell, Madame Butterfly
3-Dimensional: 1st place: Stephanie Kitten, Rasta Rising
2nd place: Ron Henson, Mountain 

July and August:  Schweitzer Brentwood Library Guild Exhibit

June:  Library Center Exhibit

April:  Botanical Center Exhibit

The following are exhibiting at the Botanical Center: Penny Bantle, Vivian Verbeek, Peter Longley, Lea Dingman, Sonya Wise, Dawna Middleton, Arlene Jayne, Sue Owen, Tom Bakie, Stephanie Kitten, Nancy Dornan, Louise Eggleston, Judy Ferguson, Nancy Niewald, Chris Haik, Mona Gist, Joan Bowen, 

​Kathy Henderson, Olga Cordero, Lesley Escamilla, Janice Rosenburg, and Larry Stevens.

March 8 though April 5 (those over 60)   The Twenty-Second Annual Juried Senior ­­Art Show 

Jurors Ramona Gist, Helen Long and Nick Bormann

The following received awards: (bold: Studio 55 members) Sponsored by the Gerontology Department (Mo. State University, Studio 55 Fine arts Guild, The National Art Shop, and Robert S. (Butch) Purvis.

  • Judy Ferguson: Best of Show, 5th Floor Title: "Boxer" Prismacolor Pencil

Also exhibiting at the Waverly House Opening April 7th at 2031 S. Waverly,  "Over Their" Exhibit, exhibit continues until April 28th, "God Bless                       America", Fiber Art. www.judysmixedmedia.blogspot.com

  • Olga Codutti: Juror's Choice Watercolor, Title: "On the Road" 
  • James H. Lewis: Juror's Choice Mixed, Title: "Gone Fishin'"
  • Ernest Lorene: Three Dimensional Award, Title: "Cyclops" (Wood-Walnut-Maple)
  • ​Jean Rogers: Fabric Art Award, Title: "Indian Couple" Batik on Cotton
  • Jacqueline Stoner: Photography Award, Title: "Reflections"
  • Caryl Rohwedder: Juror's Choice Colored Pencil: "The End Of the Road"
  • Steve McGuire: The National Art Shop Memorial Award: "Liberty" Mixed Medium

 Others members Juried into the show: Nancy Brown Dornan, Ken Burstin, Dee Giles, Rita Jacob, Ramona Gist, Peter Longley, Joellen Mittlestadt, and Janice Rosenburg​

2017 Exhibits

Nadine Ellman

"Feeling Playful"

​Watercolor Painting

Studio 55 Fine Arts Guild

Larry Stevens

Rose #4


1st place Over All: Steve McGuire, "Winter Reflection" Photograph

National Art Shop Award: Stephanie Kitten

"Eve #2" Bronze

Samples of last years exhibit at Sky Gallery: 2016

Best in Show,

Jessie Schwartz

"Times Square" Acrylic

Constance Stone

"Yosemite Mist"


Judy Ferguson



Dr. Rebecca Burrell

"Madame Butterfly"

Mixed Media

2nd Place Overall: Meike Aton 

"Serenity 1" Mixed Media 1