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Studio 55 welcomes members who are visual artists 18 years and older, of all media and levels of expertise, including art professionals, emerging artists, and those who appreciate art. Our mission is to promote, educate and inspire artists and all art lovers in and around the Springfield Missouri area. We are proud members of the Springfield Regional Arts Council.

"HEARTLESS ART" - 2020 Free Seminar & Art Talk: with artist, philosopher, and musician JOSHUA TENNESON

Tuesday, March 31, from 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Location: Springfield Art Museum, 1111 East Brookside Drive, Springfield, Mo.

To reserve a seat, please contact Sandra Graves Letson: or 417-496-1838.

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​​​​​​​​​Studio 55's monthly programs are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1:00 p.m. in The Gallery at National Avenue Christian Church, 1515 S. National Ave. Springfield, MO.

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Born and raised in the 20-21st century, Joshua Elijah Tenneson is an artist, musician, and philosopher. A pull towards the communication of depth and meaning started at an early age, leading him to begin his professional career in art and tattooing at the age of 18. Over the course of his journey as an artist, Josh has come to revere the opportunity to partner with others in the vulnerable and confident expression of self-actualization through art. Vivid colors, illumination, and intensity are foundational characteristics of his artwork, and he often uses flora and fauna to tell the stories behind each piece. Joshua is also a founder and vocalist of the band Ever Eden, as well as a partner of Spire Audio recording studio.
In “(HE)ARTLESS,” Josh will discuss his own journey in art, and how the relationship between the heart of a medium (the technique behind a certain artistic skill) and the heart of the artist can culminate to speak in one voice.

TALK DESCRIPTION: An artist’s voice is found in the vulnerable tension between experiencing depth and communicating that depth. However, we find ourselves in a culture of objectification, where vulnerable voices are being commercialized, stifled, and unheard. This has caused a schism in the artistic community in the measurement  of technical skill against intuitive passion.
Contemporary artists find themselves choosing between pursuing art to cultivate their own passion, OR sacrificing their individual voice to fit the standards of a career. We see art as therapy, and art as commercialism. We must heal this schism.
Resurrect your artist and marry the honesty of your own passion with a bullet-proof, technical understanding of your medium.

See more of Josh's art at Transformation Gallery and also on Instagram here

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Best of Missouri Hands Juried Artist, commissioned artist for ESPN, Missouri Sports Hall of Fame, Promega Corporation, MSU West Plains, PGA golfers and a host of others, Audrey brings years of professional experience to the classroom. Earning her Art Education degree in her home state of Wisconsin in 1979, she has taught publicly and privately for more than 40 years! 

After working for Carol Bancroft & Friends, a renown Art agency in Connecticut, she returned to Wisconsin and established her fine art portrait business. Her portraits for Promega Corporation were published internationally. The ESPN portraits were unveiled on the nationally televised Skins Games in 2003 and 2004. 

Since moving to Springfield, MO in 2004, Audrey has been teaching classes for the general public and has expanded her art to include not only portraits, but landscapes, cityscapes, still life and whatever else strikes her fancy! 

Drawing is the foundation for all art and Audrey believes EVERYONE can learn to draw! She loves to watch the inner artist emerge in her students as they develop a life-long love affair with art! 

Audrey said: “After a brief into to my work and how I developed, I will be talking about how everyone can learn to draw realistically, how our art develops from childhood to adulthood.  I will show examples of students work from their first day drawings to present to show their progress.  Drawing is a technical skill everyone can learn and it teaches you how to see things differently in any medium.”

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Visitors are always welcome and we encourage you to join for only $30 per year!

Members and visitors are encouraged to bring a piece of their art for "show and share" for the meeting. This could be a finished piece, or a work in progress. COME JOIN US! 

Audrey Bottrell-Parks

March 11, 2020   

Program 1:00 p.m.

Featured Speaker: Audrey Bottrell-Parks

“Everyone Can Learn to Draw Realistically"
National Avenue Christian Church Gallery
1515 South National Ave.​ Springfield​​