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"Bubbles"  Ruth Penaherrera-Norton

30 x 40, Acrylic

From Susie Agee:

I have booked an artist to teach a pastel portraits workshop in August at Splatter. I wanted to share the promo with studio 55 members before I send it to Gateway Pastel Society in St. Louis. I have taken 2 workshops from Daggi Wallace and find her technique for painting pastel portraits to be different than Marla Parnells, Audrey Bottrell-Parks, or even Lisa Obers from St. Louis ( I've taken from each of them). As the promo states, there will be social distancing, disinfecting measures, and payment refunds if cancelled due to Covid19 issues. Please click here for more information and how to register.

Stay Well, and Safe,

Suzi Agee

"Catching Butterflies" Ruth Penaherrera-Norton 

24 x 36, Acrylic

Meike Aton

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Susie Sharpe, MD

"Be the Change You Wish To See In the World: Gandhi"

Suzie Sharpe

The Studio 55 Arts Guild programs have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), please be safe and you will be updated as to when we will be able to have meetings and programs.  Click here for classes being offered by members. The Board of the Studio 55 Art Guild has asked Dr. Mike Carlie, a long-time member and past Board member, to send a periodic message to all of our members. The intent of the publication is to keep us connected during this time of self-isolation. I feel sure you will enjoy his messages.

From Meike Aton: How the Pandemic has affected me and my art: 

Having to stay home was so good for me. My productivity blossomed! I became way more active marketing on social media with great results. 

Daily long walks in the neighborhood led to talking repeatedly with the neighbors and resulted in sales also. A combination of online presence and in person meets gets us to the goal.

For a while I had been working on developing an online course. It was so much harder than expected! Video taping the actual instruction was easy, but putting it together on the Plattform was a struggle. 

Click here to link to the free ‘appetizer’ version of this course called "Packrat-Art-Transformation"

I joined a FB site called #ArtistSupportPledge and lucked out with selling 3 paintings to a collector in North Carolina.These are mixed med acrylic on canvas pieces, to be mounted on a board or...
I tried something new, ink pencils on gesso covered watercolor paper. These were so much fun to do, I so loved the process. At that size they are very affordable and ship in a padded envelope. Click here to see Meike do a demo on how to do an acrylic painting on Watercolor paper as shown.

Airport: In line with our current unprecedented experiences, I submitted these paintings titled: "A New World", "The Promise"
We are living in a New World, but we have The Promise for better times ahead.

Shown is a sample of my extensive Blue Series, which I had started before the world fell apart. I think this color is calming and offers  reassurance in times of tumult.

Meike's Website: Click here


May 17th, 2020

Susie Sharpe, MD and member of Studio 55

First, a little about my background: I think many of you know I’m a physician, so the most common question I get asked is, “How did you get started on art?”

Actually, art was my first love. Growing up in South Korea, I had a dream of becoming an artist. When I was 16, my parents decided to immigrate to the U.S. I found myself in New York City, and I didn’t speak any English  This grim reality hit me hard. After great deal of consideration, I decided to pursue a medical career instead of art. My Christian faith, desire to help people, and need for a secure career all played a role. But I always knew that someday I would pursue my love of art again.

Over the following 20 years, I practically buried myself in books learning English, going through pre-med, getting a medical degree, and training at Yale. Once I settled into my medical practice and my children grew a little older, I started taking art classes again. It’s been a long, unforgettable journey, but I’ve had a fulfilling career as a physician-artist for the past 20+ years.  

Now, I’d like to share some of my thoughts and experiences on COVID pandemic as a physician.  

I did my medical training during the peak of the AIDS epidemic, where about half of my patients were HIV-positive. The COVID pandemic, in some ways, has been worse, mainly because the transmission rate is so much higher.

Most of the Studio 55 members are considered high-risk for COVID complications due to age (55+) or chronic conditions. While most people know that diabetes, heart disease, or lung disease put them at higher risk, I have found that many do not know that high blood pressure and obesity are also risk factors for COVID complications.  

High-risk typically means high-risk for needing hospital care or worse, needing ICU care. The current survival rate for COVID patients on a ventilator in the U.S. is only about 20%. This is considerably worse than those who are on a ventilator for other conditions.

It’s now a well-known fact that many of the COVID cases were transmitted by the people who had no symptoms or before they developed any symptoms. A study that came out recently, showed that normal speaking (not just coughing or sneezing) generates thousands of droplets that linger in the air for 8-14 minutes. Therefore, simple talking may be a likely mode of COVID transmission in many cases. This study further stressed the importance of wearing masks and social distancing. 

Coronavirus can stay alive on plastic surfaces for up to 2-3 days. (Its survival time on metal or glass is even longer at 5 days.) We should be minimizing unnecessary trips outside and be carrying sanitizing wipes and gels everywhere, especially in the car.

We in Greene County have done better than the rest of the country, with 105 COVID cases to date. We are, however, are far from winning this battle yet. As of May 17th, the U.S. had 1.5 million COVID cases and 90,000 deaths and counting. (Consider: this means that nearly one in every 200 Americans has tested positive.) Editor's note: June 2nd The number of reported coronavirus cases in the United States has surpassed 1.8 million, including more than 104,000 deaths.

As we re-open, there is no doubt that we will have many more cases again. The only ways to win this pandemic is continued vigilance and social distancing until a vaccine becomes widely available. We need to be able to count on each other to be vigilant, because we are all in this together.

Susie Sharpe has been an internal medicine physician at Mercy since 1998.

If members have any questions please reach out to her. 

For more information about my art and story please visit my website:here (

Meike Aton

Meike Aton

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"For Music Lovers"

Susie Sharpe

From Ruth Peñaherrera-Norton 

My goal for these two past months has been to recreate some of my childhood memories by putting images on canvas. These two paintings are part of a trilogy.
I hope to begin the third painting soon.

Ruth Peñaherrera-Norton

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