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​​Mixed Media Classes ​"Loosen Up with Mixed Media" by Darlene Prater 
Call Darlene for more information: 417-755-1282 or schedule a class at her home and at Splatter Art Studio.
Come and have fun!!!
For questions: Email:

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Workshops with John Whytock
 Where: Splatter Art Studio, 4160 S Lone Pine Ave. Springfield, Missouri 65804  

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Website link click here 

Join award winning master artist, John Whytock, in his Landscape Painting Workshop Series and learn many of the techniques that allowed him, for the past 40 years, to excel in the real world of competitive art.

​More info on the workshops can be found by clicking on the links provided above. All Studio 55 Arts Guild members will receive a 10% discount. If you would like to register and receive your discount, email Deborah Whytock at:

Drawing by Professor Jerry Hatch

​​​​​​​​​Classes In Drawing, Pastels and Specialty Workshops By Audrey Bottrell Parks

When: Weekly
Audrey also offers specialty workshops and art adventures throughout t
he year.

click here for more information and schedule of classes and special events:  phone: 417-848-0894

All drawing classes are a group setting with guided individual instruction open to beginners and more advanced student who want to go deeper.
Splatter Art Studio 4160 S. Lone Pine, Springfield, MO

Tuesdays, ongoing weekly class
Time:  10:00 – 12:00
Class fee $20 plus studio fee of $5
First Saturday ongoing monthly class 
Time:  9:00 – 12:00
Class fee $30 plus studio fee of $5

Farley Lewis, award winning fine artist, teaches acrylic painting classes. For his schedule: contact him at 417-773-1175 Farley shared: "I teach at Splatter Art Studio and Creava School of the Arts (each Thursday, Drawing class at 10am and painting class at noon). Message me if you might want to join me for some painting time together. Thanks, Farley Lewis

website:  click here

​Classes at Splatter:  Click here

Creava School of the Arts: click here


“ DRAWING WITH METAL”  ArtistTalk/Workshop

with Jerry Hatch Professor Emeritus from MSU

Thursday, September 12, 2019, 5:30--7:30 p.m. 

Springfield Art Museum 1111 E. Brookside Dr.
Free Art Workshop/ArtistTalk: All materials are furnished. A January workshop was well attended and participants voted to have another workshop to learn more. There is a Limit of 30.

Hatch taught sculpture and drawing in the Art and Design Department (MSU) from 1974 until 2015 when he retired. During the workshop you will learn to draw on coated medium with a stylus using various metal points, such as silver or copper. No drawing experience is needed. 

“Silverpoint”  drawing (that includes other kinds of metal besides silver or copper, such as platinum, gold, bronze, lead, aluminum, zinc, and magnesium) is done on coated medium. Many of the lovely drawings by da Vinci and Rembrandt were  created using ‘metal points’ and are still used today by artists for its fine, subtle qualities. 

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED: Contact Sandra Letson: or 417-496-1838

Sponsors: Friends of the Art Museum (FOSAM), Studio 55 Arts Guild

Learn more about Friends of the Art Museum here

Classes with Tracy L Bruton at Splatter Art Studio

CONTACT: Tracy Bruton: here      See her bio here    Learn more about her classes here

Come join the fun!  

All supplies will be provided and NO EXPERIENCE is necessary. The cost of the class is $35 plus a $5 studio fee.

Classes for beginners or build on your existing skills. Space is limited, so don’t delay checking out her classes!

 Meike Aton Art Studio & Gallery offers workshops by Meike Aton

For more information see Meike's website here or phone 417-343-3481

Location: Meike Aton Art Studio & Gallery, 1200 E Woodhurst Dr K-300, Springfield, MO 65804, 417-343-3481

Check her schedule of events and open house on her website here 

Texture Painting Workshop: Tuesday and Wednesday, January 21 and 22, 2020 10-3:30pm
Learn more or register online here:

2019 Classes

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Classes held in 2018

Alicia Farris Internationally Known Award Winning Artist:


Alicia Farris' interview in The Art of Watercolour International magazine, Issue #33 is now available at Barnes and Noble.  She won first place in the International Reader's competition in the #32 issue and received a 4-page interview as part of her honor.  Please check in with her workshop schedule on her website: click here

​​​​​Northview Art Group (Support Group)

Description:​ A group of artists that meet and work on their own individual projects who offering support in watercolor, acrylic, oil, pencil, pen and ink, pastel and design. (FREE) for 55 and older, others welcome for a small fee. 

Do you ever wish there was a place you could:  

  • paint/draw with others
  • get feedback from other artists
  • have art guidance when you get “stuck”
  • drop in to paint without commitment of the rest of your life​

You are invited to join us every Monday, from 1-3:30 North View Senior Center, 301 E. Talmage. (Next to Doling Fitness Center) Just bring your current work and art supplies and create in this beautiful facility. North view Art Group began around 10 years ago and is a great support group for artist in our community. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to paint with others at this beautiful facility.
Contact Ramona Gist for more information:

Landscape Oil Painting Workshops and Classes with Greg Chappell

A Workshop on Renaissance Techniques in painting by Award Winning New Orleans Artist
To reserve your place and learn more call GREG CHAPPELL (504) 613 – 7810 See website here
These workshop are for oil painters of any experience level. Learn the techniques of renaissance painting 
attributed to the old master’s system. Greg Chappell has spent decades studying the application of pigments to the appropriate surfaces. What kind of brushes, what kind of canvas, and what kind of medium make all the difference in the world. This workshop will encourage creativity while playing with color and technique and building skills that will be invaluable for creating a quality piece of art. 

Painting Classes taught by Ursula Wollenberg: 
Click here for scheduled classes
Call:  Ursula Wollenberg for details and reserve your place in Class.  

Location: Splatter Art Studio, 4160 S. Lone Pine, Springfield, MO

Click here to learn more about Ursala 

Applied Chinese Brush Strokes: Springfield Art Museum: May 31, 2018 at 6 PM, Friends of the Springfield Art Museum (FOSAM) and Studio 55 Fine Arts Guild are partnering to host another ArtTalk featuring Hing Wah Hatch, retired professor at MSU. Four classes were attended by over 100 participants from Springfield and the surrounding area. Description, below

  • Springfield Art Museum: June 7, 2018: Those who enjoyed Hing Wah Hatch's Applied Chinese Brush Strokes ArtTalk on May 31, will have three extended learning workshops with Hatch. She will demonstrate additional techniques, as you practice your skills with plenty of one-on-one time with the artist. Presented by Friends of the Springfield Art Museum (FOSAM) and the Studio 55 Fine Arts Guild, these workshops are free and open to the public and all materials will be provided or you can bring your own. Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot if you haven’t already done so. Contact Sandra Letson at or (417) 869-7812. 

  • Schedule of classes: ​Held in the Springfield Art Museum Painting and Drawing Classroom, 1111 E. Brookside Dr., Springfield, MO. 1:00- 2:30   2:30 - 4:30 PM  5:00 - 6:30